I have a passionate desire to help people to get what they want most in life. I help strong, driven people who want a flexible schedule to earn money from home so they can do what they love most, without worrying about running out of money.  Life is too short to struggle, grind and waste time on things you are not passionate about. I help people who, like me, want to have quality time with their families, make memories and be there when needed. I was introduced to this industry by a friend from PTA and my life has never been the same! The business model made complete sense to me and I realized this was everything I had ever dreamed of.  I had a 25 year career with the federal government where I was a factfinder helping people to get resolution to some of the worst days of their lives.  I retired from a 60+ hour work week and 24 on-call status!  I have passion, energy and boundless optimism to breathe life into the hopes and dreams of others. Let’s connect! I want to hear you story and find out what you want most in life!    

Cathy Clements

Visi Independent Partner


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